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Atlantic Capital Management
Chris Tobey

Talking to Your Kids About Your Wealth

How can you convey its importance and its meaning? Are you an owner of a thriving business or a medical or legal practice? Are you a highly paid executive? If you have children, at some point they ma... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Will You Really Be Able to Work Longer?

You may assume you will. That assumption could be a retirement planning risk. How long do you think you will work? Are you one of those baby boomers (or Gen Xers) who believes he or she can work past... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Saving More Money, Now & Later

You could save today & tomorrow, often without that penny-pinching feeling. Directly & indirectly, you might be able to save more per month than you think. Hidden paths to greater savings can... read more..

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