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Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Should You Plan to Retire on 80% of Your Income

Examining a long-held retirement planning assumption. A classic retirement planning rule states that you should retire on 80% of the income you earned in your last year of work. Is this old axiom sti... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
Chris Tobey

Consider an IRA Charitable Rollover

If you want a tax break and want to help a non-profit, this may be a good move. Have you ever wanted to make a major charitable gift? Would you like a significant federal tax break in acknowledgment ... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
William C. Newell

Should We Break Up The Big Banks?

One Federal Reserve official says we should rethink our financial system.   The newest Federal Reserve policymaker just put forth a radical proposal. Neel Kashkari thinks America’s big ba... read more..

Atlantic Capital Management
Chris Tobey

White House Proposes Changes to Retirement Plans

A look at some of the ideas contained in the 2017 federal budget. Will workplace retirement plans be altered in the near future? The White House will propose some changes to these plans in the 2017 f... read more..

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