Newsletter - October 2017

Company Stock and Your Portfolio:  Keep Your Eye on Concentration Risk, Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement, Examining the Taxpaying Population:  Where Do You Fit In?, Is the Social Security Administration still mailing Social Security Statements?, What are some tips for reviewing my Medicare coverage during Medicare Open Enrollment?

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Newsletter - September 2017

For Women, a Pay Gap Could Lead to a Retirement Gap, Life Is for the Living, and So Is Life Insurance, Medicare and Your Employer Health Plan, How do economists measure inflation, and why does it matter to investors?, How do TIPS help fight inflation?

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Newsletter- August 2017

Working in Retirement:  What You Need to Know, Text Your Investing IQ, Kickstart Your College Fund with a 529 Plan, How do the economic milestones of young adults today compare with prior generations?, Chart:  Young Adult Milestones, 1975 vs. 2016

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Newsletter - July 2017

Don't Let Rising Interest Rates Catch You by Surprise, Future of the Federal Estate Tax, The Health-Wealth Connection, What is a rollover IRA, and do I need one?, Can I roll my traditional 401(k) account balance over to a Roth IRA?

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